INS Contractors knows that the ultimate achievement of any project rests upon the quality of service throughout the construction process. In order to provide truly exceptional service for its Manhattan clientele, INS Contractors only employs talented personnel for its high-end residential construction projects. Our corporation has established working relationships with numerous domestic craftsmen and fabricators in order to provide services such as custom millwork, stone and tile work, and many other specialty services. As INS Contractors evolved, it has brought its knowledge and specialized resources to fulfill the needs of a demanding market and unique projects throughout New York City. Due to the skills of our highly qualified staff members and their positive professional attitudes, our corporation has earned its reputation as a family-run, proficient management team, and specialized construction workers. Our dedication to and aptitude in exclusive construction projects, such as apartment renovations, has always been based upon our client’s dreams. Realizing an architect’s vision and fulfilling a client’s expectations for interior renovation is the paramount mission of INS Contractors, and the goal of our executive management team.

Pre-Construction Services

The essence of any successful interior renovation project is determined during the keen yet practical planning phase, budget and, scope of work. Our experienced estimators run a detailed cost analysis, establishing the perfect balance between budget and the scope of work required for apartment renovations. Our high-end residential construction project managers analyze the scope of the work, contact the finest subcontractors in New York City for the job, and acquire the proper materials to fast track all projects.

Under-Construction Services

INS Contractors provides supervision during the course of construction, monitors schedules, obtains permits, handles all inspections, creates budgets, and maintains top level of security and safety. Respecting clients’ privacy as well as that of their neighbors is a trademark specialty of INS Contractors’ services, whether in Manhattan or beyond.

Apartment Interior Renovation

Post-Construction Services

INS Contractors’ white glove service goes beyond just the successful completion of the high-end residential construction project. Our company has created a specialized after Construction Department that prepares personalized project manuals for our Manhattan clients. These individualized portfolios contain all of the essential information for the upkeep of their new, custom homes. We believe that it is not only our duty to provide customer satisfaction during an engagement, but to provide courteous support after our professional dealings as well.